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Prisons On The Road – John Mayall – Room To Move 1969-1974

LB Johnson with smoking gun on prisons On The Road – John Mayall – Room To Move 1969-1974 cover- Alan Aldridge? Mike Lesser it11 April 21 – 28 1967: New format, no logo, slightly smaller, semi-glossy.

IT Sunday Crackthru: announcing a new series of theatre events, Sundays at 4pm and 8pm. Published following the jail sentence of John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins Editor of I. 19 Oct 5 – 20 1967: First Birthday issue. Ad for Fairport Convention, Crystal Ship, Jacobs Ladder Construction Co. Ad for Ilene Astrahan at Arts Lab. 22 Dec 15 -28 1967: Cover: Drawing by Astrahan.

Interview with Steve Abrams of SOMA re. 5 New Year 1968: This issue conceived by Mal Dean. Phil Parsons it28 April 5 – 18 1968: Gary Snyder cover. May 2 1968: Cover by Francis Vasseur.

Ad for Gandalf’s Garden Magical Sunday at Middle Earth with T. 32 May 31 – June 13 1968: Paris Free issue! Co-operative, the new registered name of Its publisher is now Knullar, standing for Karmic Neo-Universal League for Liberty And Reality. Cover is a reproduction of a seditious handbill offering a “reward for information leading to the apprehension of Jesus Christ – Wanted for Sedition – Criminal Anarchy – Vagrancy and conspiring to overthrow the established government. The Workless Society” by Herbert Lomas, “Compulsory Mis-education” by Emmanuel Petrakis and “In the Reservation” by Courtney Tulloch.

Herbert Macuse: What is one-dimensional thought and who’s Marcuse? 1969 it47 Jan 1 – 16 1969: “Know Thyself! Ken Kesey, The Hells Angels – Rock and Danny from The Grateful Dead management Visit London”. I was sent to some god awful place in Essex where I was treated like a leper because of the obscenity tag, and I was just a harmless, penniless hippy. I was back on the road at about 4.

IT – the staff of which did absolutely sweet FA to aid me in my initial predicament of the arrest and detention. I think that neither IT nor the law comes out of this story very well. I am now a very successful uillaenn piper and reedmaker. Peace and whisky to whoever reads this. Elegy on the Death of John Keats.

Magic Village – Edgar Broughton, Deviants, Third Ear Band. The Original and Only International Times. Where have all the hippies gone? Has anyone reading this article met a woman bass player? Adverts for Rod Stewart, Jimmy Campbell, Caravan and Black Sabbath. 91 Nov 5 – 19 1970: ‘Strange Days’ magazine collapse and Ed.

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