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Crush Me – Extinction Event – You”ve Got To Be A Star

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Galvatron is a force of nature. Born from the machinations of Unicron himself, Galvatron is a focal point of power and madness given form. Not even his own subordinates are safe. Galvatron was once Megatron, but was reborn from his death throes in a Faustian pact with Unicron. He retains the memories and spark of Megatron, but his personality was significantly altered after the near-death experience, massive physical upgrade, and reprogramming. And all that was before he went insane. The cause and extent of Galvatron’s madness varies between different continuities, as does his physical power.

Please, meet your end with dignity. Before a society can move forward, everyone must agree on the rules. Travelling first to Cybertron, Galvatron quickly retook command of the Decepticons after killing the traitorous Starscream in the middle of his coronation as the Decepticons’ new leader. He then went to Earth and attacked Autobot City full-force. Galvatron could not open the Matrix, however, and as punishment for his treachery, Unicron swallowed him whole. Inside Unicron, he met up with Hot Rod. Though he initially suggested an alliance with the young Autobot against the mutual threat of his master, the Chaos Bringer mentally tortured Galvatron for his attempted treachery and then forced him to attack Hot Rod.

But this would not be the end of Galvatron. The weakened Decepticons were subsequently routed by the Autobots and forced off of Cybertron, relocating to the burned-out world of Chaar. After eking out a living there in energy-deprived squalor for some time, they were visited by Cyclonus and Scourge, who’d finally decided to return the Decepticons to glory by seeking out the lost Galvatron. Galvatron led the Decepticons on many wacky adventures against the Autobots throughout 2006, though his insanity would usually lead to each mission ending in failure. He loved shooting his own troops, for instance. There were no good times, ya creep.

However, despite his insanity, he teamed up with the resurrected Optimus Prime to stop the Hate Plague. Galvatron wound up becoming infected by the plague and attempted to kill an unconscious Optimus Prime with a axe. Optimus woke up in the nick of time and opened the Matrix directly in Galvatron’s face. The wisdom of the Matrix not only cured the universe of the Hate Plague, it cured Galvatron’s madness as well. In 2007, Galvatron called off the truce and led an assault on Autobot City, searching for the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. After being hurled out of Unicron and into space by Rodimus Prime, Galvatron’s flight path was disrupted by the Sparkbots, a trio of Unicron’s servants who were already working to resurrect their master. The Decepticon leader crash-landed on the planet Earth, obliterating the city of Tokyo.

As 2006 settled in, Galvatron’s impact was revealed to have had an even greater effect than anyone had expected: The blast caused by his impact had scattered his Unicron-empowered cells throughout the planet’s atmosphere. When his cells came into contact with other objects and animals, they fused with them, creating an army of monstrous creatures referred to as “Legion”. Seeking to uncover the ulterior motives of EDC Commander Hitoshizuku Amaō, Kiss Players Marissa Faireborne, Shaoshao Li and Atari Hitotonari discovered the remains of Galvatron beneath the EDC headquarters. Galvatron had plenty of devious schemes up his sleeve throughout 2010, opening with the nutty idea of a spaceship that ate other spaceships, which Rodimus Prime promptly blew up. Galvatron went back to his roots for his next scheme, creating a clone army of Megatrons that he dubbed the “Megatron Military”. Galvatron disguised himself as one of the Megatrons and controlled them remotely, making them an effective fighting force that the Autobots had trouble dealing with, until his disguise was penetrated and his control over the robots broken.

On one notable occasion, Galvatron challenged Rodimus Prime to a one-on-one duel in order to lure him into a trap set up in partnership with the Quintessons. Megatron hybrid robot known as Guiltor, arrived to attack Rodimus, but Galvatron was shocked when Guiltor turned on him as well. After the resurrection of Optimus Prime and the curing of the Hate Plague, Galvatron hastily broke his vow that there would be no war, and he, Cyclonus and Scourge battled Prime, Hot Rod and Kup in space, only to be defeated. In 2011, a side effect of releasing the Matrix’s energy to cure the Hate Plague was revealed when the mega-computer Vector Sigma began to destabilize. The arrival of a team of Autobot Headmasters repelled the invasion, but it was then revealed that the Matrix was hidden somewhere on Earth, recharging, and the race began to acquire it and use it to gain control over Vector Sigma.

Hot Rod ultimately succeeded in obtaining the Matrix and becoming Rodimus Prime again, and he and Optimus Prime joined forces to defeat Galvatron. After several further schemes involving an electro-magnetic weapon and a metal-warping meteorite, Galvatron set his sights on Cybertonuron, a powerful new alloy being developed by Vector Sigma. Scorponok told Galvatron what he had done, and the enraged Decepticon leader ran into the chamber to try and stop the explosion, only to be caught in the blast. Cybertron was reduced to a burnt-out husk, and Galvatron was left missing in action. Galvatron was thought dead for some time, and during his absence, Scorponok proclaimed himself new Decepticon leader, only for Galvatron to turn up alive and well during his coronation. Galvatron retook command of the Decepticons and began a devious plot, taking the Decepticons on an series of interplanetary raids that saw them steal energy from numerous different worlds. Galvatron would remain buried in the ice for over fifteen years, until he was resurrected by Dark Nova as the new and improved Super Megatron.

At some point after 2025, when Optimus Prime had been restored to life once more as Star Convoy, the mobile computer Teletraan 15 traveled forward in time from 2005 to this era as part of a mission gather data to rebuild Teletraan I’s damaged databanks. Note: This fifteen-minute, stop-motion, extended toy advert retells the story of the original Scramble City OVA with the addition of Galvatron. During a massive brawl between the Autobot and Decepticon combiners, Megatron took the upper hand. To counter this, Optimus Prime ordered Metroplex to enter the fray. Metroplex rolled onto the scene and towered over his enemies, with City Commander Ultra Magnus in tow. Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

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