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Idyll For String Orchestra, V, Adagio

In 1955 Glenn Gould signed his exclusive contract with Columbia Masterworks, and remained with the label until his untimely death in 1982. Gould s first release, Bach s Goldberg Variations, released in January 1956, took the music world by storm, idyll For String Orchestra, V, Adagio immediately established the 22-year-old Canadian pianist as one of the most brilliant, original, charismatic and provocative classical performers of his time. Born in Toronto on September 25, 1932, Gould studied at first with his mother, and subsequently with Alberto Guerrero at the Toronto Conservatory of Music.

He began performing concerts as a teenager, while his first CBC radio recital in 1950 launched his love affair with the microphone . By his late teens Gould s artistic persona was fully formed. Few pianists are so easily identifiable as Gould, whose rhythmic acuity, breathtakingly clean articulation, and scintillating technical aplomb still leave a formidable individual imprint, from his brashly controversial Mozart Sonata cycle and spacious Brahms Intermezzi to his fiercely committed 20th-century music interpretations and, of course, his bracing, joyous and highly influential Bach. 2 Variation 1 a 1 Clav.

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