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Remnants – The Box

The debate has been raging about the Anunnaki – not whether they exist – nor whether they have been to Earth – as the evidence of them being here is so overwhelming that non-acceptance of Anunnaki presence on Remnants – The Box is only for those in denial of the truth. The debate is whether they are still here today. Likewise I agreed that the Anunnaki have carried out extensive genetic engineering on this planet.

Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth, and those remaining on Earth which I called the Anunnaki Remnants, which are dominated by Ducaz and Pers-sires, etc. I also stated that the home star or sun of the Anunnaki is called ZA-OS and that their home planet, which will be called Nibiru for purposes of this writing, orbited ZA-OS. Their home planet and ZA-OS, which are foreign to our solar system, have been destroyed. Sitchin poses the question: Are the Anunnaki still on Earth? This, I will answer herein with a resounding yes. A brief look at some very obvious evidence in existence today will show that indeed aliens have been on Earth. The aliens are primarily Anunnaki, who came to Earth for conquest of it.

Their planet was destroyed, and they wanted another base. The third largest group of Anunnaki are known to the Attas as the Masa-karas. They have two main bases on Earth. There is a concentration of Masa-karas based in central Germany, although many of this group have immigrated to Australia over the last decade.

Many other groups of aliens are also starting to migrate to Australia. The Masa-karas have been constantly intimidated by Ducaz and Pers-sires who have bases in Germany, so the Masa-karas began moving to Australia. Masa-karas use many clones, but they can also take over existing human bodies. After centuries of resistance, the Masa-karas have finally succumbed to the control of the Ducaz.

Engineers today marvel at the feat of the great pyramids and wonder whether we have the technology today to construct them. Obviously, a group of highly advanced beings were responsible for the pyramids. And, more obviously, many humans were enslaved and forced to build them. Many stories say that Jewish people were the slaves who built the Egyptian pyramids. Back to the question of whether the Anunnaki are still on Earth, the signs of their presence are manifold. The major issue is that of slavery – the Anunnaki are slavers – they enslave all who they conquer. They conquered Earth and enslaved it and all its inhabitants.

Before the Anunnaki came to Earth, there was no slavery. The Anunnaki taught it to the humans. But, if the Anunnaki were to leave the Earth, eventually the humans would return to their natural state, which is without wars and without slavery. The fact that wars and slavery continue, in and of itself, is glaring proof that the Anunnaki are still on the planet. The Anunnaki control religion and education and make certain that true knowledge is very difficult to acquire or impart. They use propaganda and disinformation to confuse, program and control the people they enslave.

It is important that misinformation and disinformation are mixed with enough truth to fool people, otherwise, they would be useless tools. Religious inquisitions show just how thoroughly ignorance was once imposed upon the people. Many have said that the human condition is explained away by human greed. This is one of the many lies that the Anunnaki spread, and it is the foundation of what we call “capitalism” today. However, the human condition is NOT caused by human greed, it is caused by Anunnaki enslavement agenda. The Anunnaki have elevated the value of gold and silver. Many believe that gold and silver are the only true money today.

In times of struggle, people tend to invest in gold and silver. However, the Anunnaki invented money to help them enslave the people. The Anunnaki have developed tax systems which keep the rich and poor blatantly separated and segregated. The rich feel superior to the poor and the poor feel inferior to the rich. Hence there is a crevice which divides the upper and lower classes.

The Anunnaki do not want any real middle class. They want the poor to be poorer and the rich to be richer and richer. One of the ways that this is being accomplished is via the tax system in the capitalistic countries. However, class separation is also being done in socialist and communist countries. The rich, on the other hand, are getting richer under the tax systems. The Anunnaki have created class systems for their benefit, and in the most serious of cases, they have created castes.

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