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Barbed With Strangulation – Torrent – Between The Stones

I’ve got my eye on another old sleazefest, Barbed With Strangulation – Torrent – Between The Stones Nude for Your Killer. Now, it’s clear from reviews I’ve read that there are at least five females who die in their birthday suits. What is not clear is whether the scenes involve prime GIMPage.

Even though it is interesting that the Charles Kaufman is listed as a scriptwriter on the new one, I plan to spend the time between now and release keeping my expectations low. Badger – a wise policy – keep the expectations low – been making that mistake lately and will adhere to your cautionary tale. Jane: Pardon my poor spelling, I meant to say that your name would be emblazoned. Hope you didn’t think Ralphus was going to set you on fire.

Thanks for the tip on Strip Nude for Your Killer. Think I’ll put that one on my “nudity sans GIMPage” list. Sloth: The quality of the Red Feline stuff is excellent, at least as far as movie rentals go. I haven’t gone the full distance yet of purchasing a movie that I can burn onto a DVD, but the stuff I have rented for viewing on my computer has been top notch.

The Attackers situation: I agree with everything that’s been said so far. Adding to the misery is the fact that great talent is often being wasted. Attackers has managed to attract some quality Japanese porn stars and then put them in some really lame-o movies. Hi, All: A few months back, there was a GIMP poll on whether Japanese movies had lost their edge. With the latest feedback regarding Attackers, I think it’s beyond dispute that Japanese films have indeed gone from GIMP to limp. As a whipping scenes lover, I’d say it is one of the most disappointing whip-themed flicks I’ve ever seen.

Steve Power: Thank you for those clips. 50 in clips from your site over the last few months, and think what you’re doing is getting better all the time. Ok, fellow GIMPers, here’s a GIMP alert. GIMP scene if FX’s new “Sons of Anarchy” series, although I can’t tell how good it is as I only caught a piece of it from the “previously” review at the beginning of the new episode. Sardu, Say AOH and I shall retrieve. I just found out the episode in question is Season 2, episode 1 “Albification”.

Katey doesnt look bad strung up to a fence but unf she’s wearing pants and a leather jacket. She’s punched once and one of the masked guys tears open her shirt but we don’t get a good view. We see a little struggling, then a cutaway until the end when they’re finishing her off. It means the process of making things white, which is the goal of the enemy white-separatist group that wants to put SOA out of business.

I’ve never seen the show, but the premise sounds intriguing — a prime-time soap opera about outlaw bikers, with strong Shakespearean influences. Sort of “The Wild One” meets “Dynasty” meets “Hamlet. I’ve been reading some of the comments posted over the last few days. I noticed Ralphus’ comment about sites like Paingate. I thought I should mention that Paingate isn’t a US company.

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