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Epilog – The Grateful Dead – Europe ”72

You are being redirected Javascript is required. Please enable javascript before you are allowed to see this page. No one sees the total picture. Not even Big Dave, who epilog – The Grateful Dead – Europe ’72 indeed “walk the talk”!

Many ex-Measurex people use this e-mail list service. This is an ex-Measurex techie list service. This is Dave Bossen at a reunion of ex-Measurex folks at the Duke of Edinburgh – Cupertino January 7, 2006, almost 40 years after he started Measurex. There is a rumor that he still plays a good game of golf. This continues to be an annual event, a Saturday evening in early January. Dave was sales manager at Industrial Nucleonics, now part of ABB.

Figured that the coming low cost digital computers would supercede IN’s analog approach The young eager beavers get restless, and head West. Dave’s new company was “Measurex”, and Dodie was Personnel Manager. Chere Nijim about working for Dodie. John Swan who works for Honeywell-Measurex as a trainer here in the Atlanta area. The 12 round buttons are artificial saphires to resist abrasion by the paper.

Use Hp 2116 computers to gain face? The software for most systems was on three tapes – each spooled about 6″ diameter – read from pocket left of reader right into a waste basket. The Computer History Museum does not have an Hp 2116 – and would like one. If you know of one, please e-mail Dag Spicer of the museum, or me. Computers like this controlled the scanning, sensing, display, report generation, and process control during the 1970s and 1980s. The Bossens hired Gene Stinson from Hp.

Gene apparently had been in on the design of the Hp 2116 – Measurex turned out to be Hp’s biggest customer for Hp 2116s and 2100s. This is a non-Mx Hp 2100 system – the successor to the Hp2116. Mx did not use disks at sites. This is a picture of a scanner after Measurex was purchased by Honeywell. A scanner was about 7 feet tall and up to 30 feet wide depending on customer equipment width. Like where did the money come from? People could introduce them as “Dr.

I meet Dodie – interesting lady! Can really turn on the charm ! Nice simple and direct – no pages of weasel words – After a half day of new employee introduction to company policies and radiation safety, I was pointed in the direction of software engineering. I didn’t even know where my office was to be. Is that the Bill English at Xerox PARC ?

I had a family and decided to stick it out. I ask if I can be helpful. He says “I’m Lumon Morrow, I’m back”. My office mate Lumon could patch Hp 2100 code in octal – from memory! He played state championship level bridge. He liked me as partner in noon-time bridge. If he was likely to play the hand I overbid 1 trick, he was that good.

Ellen Hightower e-mailed the Measurex list “Sorry to tell you that Lumon Morrow has passed on. Carol Gilbert summed it up well “So sorry to hear that. Lumon was everybody’s friend and helper. Lumon was indeed special – He grew up on a farm in Alabama, and I am rural Minnesota, we got on great. He had the best combination of intelligent, informed, friendly, honest and backbone I ever saw.

I had worked on anti-aircraft rockets and telemetry so we had lots in common. What George said could be depended on – you might not agree with him, but you could do government business with him. I have had the chance to work with Lumon many times, and I will always remembered he never left a site that the Tech was unsure as to what he had done. He always took what ever time necessary to explain the problem and the resolution, most important he made sure you understood. He was a caring person, a soft spoken man and as many of you have said “Always had a Smile”.

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